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Replacing three-tab shingles can be tricky — especially in cold weather or if the shingles are brittle with age — as you have to nail underneath the next course of shingles to secure the new ones. The Roof Snake from PacTool International can drive nails underneath those shingles, lifting them a only little more than the height of the nail — not so high that you damage or loosen the them.

To use the Roof Snake, slip the nail into the holder on the front of the tool, slide the tool under the upper course of shingles, and strike the tool to drive the nail and secure the shingle. The Roof Snake also includes a claw end for removing nails from shingles.

Amazon sells the Roof Snake for $28. That’s better than paying a roofer to replace a torn shingle.

RS501 Roof Snake
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2 Responses to Slither Under Shingles With The Roof Snake

  1. Mel says:

    I sure could have used this back in February!

  2. Ivan says:

    Not only in the winter but in the dead heat of the summer as well. In 95+ degrees I was struggling with this task too as the shingles were older than I wished for. So I had replace the entire 3tab just because one bridled off.

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