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You’ve got to watch closely to see it, but keep an eye out throught the left-hand garage door around the 0:16 mark in the video — you’ll see a contractor dump his wheel, tipping over it for a fall.

The good news: in comments we discover that the guy’s OK, if maybe a little ego-bruised.

And if you’ve got a cool Doh! moment you’d like to share — it’s cathartic, really — drop us a line.


6 Responses to Doh! Ass-Over-Wheelbarrow

  1. Mel says:

    Did you notice the guy in blue then comes along and takes the wheelbarrow, but doesn’t even check on the guy who fell?

  2. false_cause says:

    I did something similar while working as a laborer for a masonry company in college. Only this guy looks like he was hauling gravel. I had wet mortar, which made a fine mess.

  3. l_bilyk says:

    Yeah i’ve spilled wet cement before

  4. Jake says:

    Speed kills. 😛

  5. Evan N. says:

    Yeah when I worked with wheelbarrows moving concrete (wet or broken), wet dirt, etc. I was taught to let if fall over if it’s going to or I’d hurt my back. For me it’s hard to resist trying to keep it from tipping, but I will.

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