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Holy crap you people do cool-ass projects!  Friday we asked you to post some projects to the photo pool, promising to ship some free gloves to our favorite.  Guess what?  There were so many great projects that we couldn’t choose just one.  So we’re gonna send gloves to a couple of you.

First up is TM reader and photo pool member feelmyempathy.  He writes: “Those foam squeeze logo’d toys companies give out?  Some of us at my company organize motorized foam toy races.  This is my September ’07 entry: remote controlled with three-wheel drive.”

Indeed, they even have a full set of rules for the competition.  How cool is that?

By the way, this reminds us of the 2007 Maker Faire Austin, which is quickly approaching.  We understand that they’re looking at putting together some power tool races, and we’re thinking about joining.  Are any of you going to be there, and would you be interested in participating?  Would it help if we threw in a special prize for the highest-ranking Toolmonger reader entry?

Thanks again for the great response this weekend, and we’ll announce other winners shortly.

The Birch Bug Racing League Rules [4XKN.com]


One Response to Glove Winner #1: Motorized Foam Toy Race Entry

  1. Fletcher (aka FeelMyApathy) says:

    Yay me!

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