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Universal Fence Clamp

Ever clamp an auxiliary fence to your saw and discover later that you positioned the clamp in the way of the cut? Rockler’s “universal” fence clamps solve this problem once and for all. Sold in pairs, these clamps work for clamping half fences, sacrificial fences, resaw fences, stop blocks, or just about any other jig you can imagine. And they’re secured to the saw via a hole drilled in the auxiliary fence — as opposed to the the fence face — keeping the clamp out of the way all the time.

The clamp body is made from lightweight aluminum, and the threaded components are steel. It’ll fit over fences ranging from 1/2″ to 5-3/4″ thick. The clamp stem fits into a 3/8″ hole drilled into the fence, but reviewers on Rockler’s website recommend using 21/64″ bit instead of the recommended 3/8″.

A pair of these clamps run $15 at Rockler.

Universal Fence Clamps [Rockler]


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