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Body workers know that there are two kinds of dollies: one kind has wheels and moves boxes and the other kind moves sheet metal.  Mac’s new multi-dolly is the latter type, and offers three different faces — adding up to many various curves — in a compact hand-held package.

The big hole in the center is a “finger catch,” which makes the multi-dolly easy to hold in your hand.  It includes a smoothing round face and curve, an awl-type dolly for creating internal conceves by hammering, a flat face with bent curve, an end curve, a spoon curve, and a small curve wedge dolly. 

Obviously this won’t replace your hammer-style dollies, but it would definitely augment them, working in tight spaces and lessening multiple trips to the toolbox.  The multi-dolly will ship in two sizes: mini (the BMD100) and standard (the BMD200).  Contact Mac (or your local truck) for pricing.


4 Responses to Preview: Mac’s Multi-Dolly

  1. Mel says:

    “Body workers know that there are two kinds of dollies”
    Actually there are three, the third being 2-legged and a different kind of body…but only us old farts know that term, I guess – not P.C.

  2. Bill says:

    Noticed a Harbor Freight version in their catalog which arrived in the mail yesterday.

  3. alex day says:

    that thing is nukkin futts man

  4. Bobby Brock says:

    I need to know where your nearest MAC TOOL supplyer or,TOOL truck is,that is close to TROY NORTH CAROLINA?Ilove my MAC TOOLS,but cant find a TOOL TRUCK.nEED TO GET SOME REPLACED,also need to talk to someone about my tools,and buy more.

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