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TM reader and photo pool member KurtSchwind was kind enough to post this photo of his work space.  He notes: “The ductwork hangs 5′” from the floor.  I hit my head on it constantly.  The 6″ round is only 6′ off the floor, and I hit my head on that, too.”  But he clearly keeps coming back for more — in classic TM style.

We love how his work area is organzied, but used.  We can imagine Kurt pulling out the Ryobi tool set on the bottom left for household projects or snagging that orange plastic square — just like Sean’s dad likes — for some basic carpentry work.

One question, though: Kurt, where do you plan to hang that shelf leaning against the bench?


2 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: KurtSchwind’s Workshop

  1. Eric Dykstra says:

    nice use of a small space.

  2. Kurt Schwind says:

    Thanks Eric.

    As to the shelf, that actually came off the wall. The guy who had the house before me and used this workspace had it setup in a way that really confused me. He just had a big piece of plywood for a backwall and just hammered nails up for hooks. In fact, all the projects in my house done by this guy used nails instead of screws. That shelf was hung up by driving nails above and below the back bar to hold it up.

    Oh, and then he painted the whole thing white. Back wall and nails. It was like walking across the north pole. I had no depth perception in the shop. The nails were invisible. I spent a weekend ripping all the nails out (including that shelf) and putting up the oh-so-controversial peg board.

    As for the orange speed square: I love it. I use it as a circ saw guide all the time.

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