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I was helping clean out an old trunk at a relative’s house last weekend and came across this little can of Shinola brand brown shoe polish. It must be close to 50 years old, but was in surprisingly great shape considering its age. My uncle explained to me that his father used it to color scratches in wood furniture “back in the day.”

Then I thought, if anyone has ever tells me that I don’t know the difference between s#!t and shinola I can honestly respond that I do after taking a look at this little can.

A side note, opening the lid on the Shinola released air that had been in there for half a century, which seemed to explode into the room. The entire place smelled like shoe polish long after the can went into a Zip-Lock bag.


One Response to It’s Just Cool: Is That Shinola Or…

  1. TomCat says:

    Heh, it’s brown shinola, don’t be too sure.

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