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TMS wholesale — who rudely branded the factory image above — nevertheless offers the pictured benchtop belt sander for a very reasonable $40.  It offers a no-load speed of 3,450 rpm, uses 1″ x 30″ sanding belts, includes a zero to 45-degree tilting work table, and ships for free.

Belt Sander [TMS Wholesale]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: A Benchtop Belt Sander For $41

  1. Nice find Stephen.. Could be a nice addition to my shop.. FYI – should you guys miss out on this one, harborfreight has what appears to be a rebranded version of this one for the same price $40 – but no free shipping. Definitely go this route while it lasts.. but later on, I imagine HF will still have it. That’s their regular price, so you may even be able to score it at some point on sale.

  2. TMIB_Seattle says:

    I got the Harbor Freight version Rick mentions. Picked it up last month for $30. It’s decent. I did some wood sanding on it and it worked great. I also used it to shape the bevel on a knife I was forging and it worked fine for that as well, though the sanding belt was pretty worn down by the time I finished.

    It makes a pretty annoying knocking noise when anything more than just a little pressure is applied to the belt. I’ve not yet found the cause.

  3. metalman says:

    I received this sander for christmas – it works great. Funny thing though, it starts out really slow(maybe 200 rpm), then after a few minutes, kicks up to full speed. I haven’t found this documented as expected behavior in the manual or elsewhere. Anyone know if this normal?

  4. Josh Mason says:

    The knocking noise you are experiencing is probably the belt. Those belts are butt spliced on the back, and arent exactly flat and smooth in that area. When the work is pressed against the belt, the splice knocks against the work. Knifemakers call this “belt bump”.

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