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Picture of Billy Pedal Foot Switch

Why should musicians get all the cool gear?  You, too, can feel like a rock star as you control your scroll saw, dremel, or other power tool with the your foot using the Billy Pedal foot switch by MLCS woodworking.  It comes in two styles: continuous running and “deadman.”

To operate the continuous running switch, tap it once with your foot to turn on the tool.  Tap it again to turn power off.  The deadman style operates as a spring loaded safety switch: applying pressure to the switch turns the tool on and removing pressure turns power off.  Both switches connect directly between the electrical outlet and your power tool. 

They’re rated to 15A and all models include an eight foot power cord.  Street pricing for the continuous style switch starts around $24, while the simpler “deadman” switch sells for $22.

Billy Pedal Foot Switch [Manufacturer/Retailer]
Continuous Running Style Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Deadman Style Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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