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This morning our parent company PostLab Media launched a new blog — FullOnCustom.com — dedicated to automobile modification of all types.  From their first post:

Welcome to the first full day of FullOnCustom, an original blog covering all aspects of automobile customization. Over the following days, weeks, and years, we aim to entertain and inform you by point out products, trends, and news of interest — whether you’re looking to juice up what’s under your hood, add some sound, tweak that body to your liking, or anything else to make your ride yours and yours alone.

But what’s really exciting is that they’re following Toolmonger’s lead in offering a comment-based giveaway.  In their case, it’s a Pioneer AVIC-D3 double-DIN in-dash DVD/nav system.  Just like our past giveaways, in December they’re going to select a random valid comment from all the comments on FullOnCustom and send ’em the gear. 

We thought we’d tip you off since as there’s not a lot of traffic over at FullOnCustom yet, you’d have an excellent chance of winning. 

And don’t worry: nothing’s changing here at Toolmonger.  We’ll continue to bring you more new tools and all things TM every day!

FullOnCustom.com [New Blog!]
Pioneer AVIC-D3 Giveaway Details [FullOnCustom]


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