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You’ve probably owned a Gerber knife or multi-tool, but did you know they make a machete, too?  The machete is a nice compromise between an axe and a knife, and Gerber’s model, complete with a polymid fiberglass handle and hooked high-carbon forged stainless steel blade, looks lightweight and durable — perfect for making short work of brush and small branches.

Its blade is also covered with a slick non-stick coating to keep it blade clean — and to reduce friction as you’re slashing through brush.  And don’t let the picture fool you: overall, the machete measures 19-1/2” in length.  It’s not a pocket knife.

On average the Brush Thinner runs about $40, although you can find it cheaper if you shop around.  Cabela’s has it for $40, including a ballistic nylon sheath with an injection molded liner.  Make sure you read the fine print, though, as some vendors are selling the machete for the same price without the sheath.

Brush Thinner Machete [Gerber]
Street Pricing [Google]
Brush Thinner Machete [Cabela’s]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


7 Responses to Gerber’s “Brush Thinner” Machete

  1. Evan N. says:

    I’d favor a longer blade and shorter handle. Seems like wasted length. I like the curved end though.

  2. jeff says:

    This may be a dumb question but how does one sharpen the curved section?

  3. SouseMouse says:

    Evan- I’d think most of the cutting power lies in the fastest-moving part of the blade- the end. If this is anything like their hatchet (the “paxe”) that handle is tough but very light- lighter than the limited-utility blade area it replaces. The curve probably helps to hold the brush as it’s cut rather than sweeping it aside.
    Jeff- Very carefully. But seriously, there are sharpeners for serrated blades. It’s more annoying to sharpen a concave curve than convex, but it’s not impossible.

  4. kythri says:

    I’ve owned one of these for about two years now (Sportsman’s Warehouse rules!) and absolutely love it!

    Very nicely balanaced, lightweight, works REAL well.

    For quite a while, it was my only “yard tool” when I moved into my current residence, and it served quite well at clearing blackberries, pruning trees and cutting down saplings.

    I’ve got a ding/dent in my blade at the moment (found a buried chunk of pipe while hacking at the roots of some brush), but the thing still cuts well after a couple years and no sharpening.

  5. Andy says:

    I borrowed one today from my friend who is also a Gerber sales rep and absolutely loved it. It worked great for knocking all the branches off the pine trees on my way to my deer stand and it even took down a 2 1/2 inch oak with 3 swings. I don’t know about the non-stick coating. The sap from the pines seemed to stick on the blade, but I’ll buying my own tomorrow.

  6. robert abel says:

    I loved it for about 2 weeks, then the handle broke. No way to fix it.

  7. Jeff says:

    One of the greatest tools I own, and I own a lot of tools(maintenance man, gotta fix EVERYTHING.) Great for yard work and time out in the boondocks, way better than the Woodman’s Pal, which I also own… way cheaper, too.

    Definitely worth having.

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