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What’s better than a telescoping magnet for picking up dropped (ferrous) stuff?  One with an integrated LED light, of course — like this one Meritline’s currently offering for a measly $5.  It extends to 2-feet in length, and Meritline claims the magnet can hold 2 pounds.  It even ships (for free, no less) with a battery.

Search Light with Magnet [Meritline]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: A Telescopic Magnet W/LED For $5

  1. Old Donn says:

    This is one of those tools you never think about, till you need it. The light is a nice option. Works equally well for stuff unreachable by hand, or if you just don’t feel like bending over to pick up that wrench.

  2. They have a similar model on sale every now and then at Sears, but I’m not too thrilled with its performance. My main complaint about the Craftsman version is that the light is pretty dim and worthless.

    Anyways, the last time I used mine was to fish a rusted paperclip out of the toilet in my old apartment. How or why my roommate dropped the clip in there nobody knows.

    $5 shipped is a pretty decent deal. Although dim, the light might be useful in cramped places like underneath a dresser or cabinet.

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