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We have a couple of manual deburring tools around the TM shop, but what if you’re dealing with thicker metal or lots of it?  Just chuck up Greenlee’s deburring bit in any 3/8″ or larger drill to deburr up to 10-gauge steel very, very quickly.

Due to its diminuitive size, this bit can deburr any hole size or shape 3/4″ or larger. Simply attach the bit to your drill and run it clockwise to deburr, or counterclockwise to clear away chips. It’s also durable enough to clean up dozens of hole cutouts and edges.  But if you happen to dull it out, replacement blades are readily available wherever the bit is sold.

Street pricing runs about $20.  But don’t let the power go to your head: you still need a manual deburring tool for sharp curvatures or holes smaller than 3/4″.

Greenlee Deburring Tool [Greenlee]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


2 Responses to Deburr With Your Power Drill

  1. Nicole Lopez says:

    great, this is what I need since I am deburring large holes.

  2. Raymond Allison says:

    is it possible to get these made to work on pneumatic grinders? We are currently having difficulty with a sharp burr on a cut out feature of a tube we run. Looking into various options to make the process more efficient.

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