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Mac Tools’ M-PACT-2 heavy duty work gloves totally look like something Halo’s Master Chief would wear; they just bristles with extra hand “armor” and offer the coolest vibe of any glove we’ve seen this week.  But cool vibes don’t mean a thing if the gloves don’t perform.  Read on past the jump as we get busy with the M-PACTs and report back with our experiences and lots of photos.


mpact2-02.jpg   mpact2-03.jpg   mpact2-04.jpg

Right out of the package, the M-PACTs scream quality.  It starts out with with all the features you’d expect from a mechanic’s glove: a Lycra stretch cuff with a hook and loop flap, a nylon top, and inside seams on the fingers and sides.  But that’s where the similarity ends — and the M-PACTs start to pull away.

For example, the M-PACTS sport a heavy-duty, padded, accordion-style knuckle panel that shields the top of your knuckles from almost any bumps and scratches.  This makes the glove look a bit “puffy,” even though it doesn’t feel overly thick.  The first three fingers and the thumb feature sewn on rubber pads on the tips for extra gripping power. There also a large padded rubber area to protect the outside of your palm.  This is great for when you’re wailing on a wrench — the handle won’t hurt your palm.


Arguably the coolest feature, though, are the M-PACTs’ top lower knuckle guards.  They give the glove more of a fantasy tactical gear look, but serve to protect against injury, too.  They’re molded rubber, and they’re sturdily sewn onto the fingers.

General Feel

mpact2-06.jpg   mpact2-07.jpg

The moment we tried these on, we found ourselves saying things like “boo-yaa” and wanting to punch something solid just to see if it’d hurt.   So guess what?  We did.  And it doesn’t hurt at all.  We were able to punch a door frame without any pain.  In real terms, that the M-PACTs would easily protect you if, say, you slipped off a wrench and smacked a firewall.

They also feel great inside.  And though we were a bit worried about all the extra knuckle and finger protection getting in the way during use, it didn’t pose any problems.  The “armor” pieces don’t stick out much.

Given enough time we’re sure that the rubber lower knuckle guards will start to tear away from the finger stitching, but the way we see it, that’s just the gloves taking a beating that otherwise would have landed on your fingers.  So we see the guards as a welcome addition.

Read on to page two for our protection and dexterity tests.

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5 Responses to Hands-On: Mac Tools’ M-PACT 2 Gloves

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Not every one uses gloves exclusively in the shop. I would be interested to know how waterproof they are, how quick they dry out,(and what colour they turn your hands, when they do get wet) Do they absorb grease and oil, and if they have any warmth to them when the weather turns cold?
    Picture working on a car in a parking lot on a day when the temp doesn’t go over ten degrees and there is a foot of snow on the ground, or spending all day out in that kind of weather, swinging a hammer on the jobsite.

    Maybe try holding on to a block of ice for ten minutes?

    Otherwise, a great series. I really liked the dexterity testing.

  2. jeff says:

    Re: PutnamEco

    I used both the Mechanix Padded Palm and M-Pact gloves for riding snowmobile. Let me tell you that they don’t dry very fast when the are wet and they get very cold when wet too (in the winter that is). You may be thinking that these gloves are a little thin for winter use but they work awesome for snowmobiling (provided they stay dry). I don’t have to turn on the handwarmers until it dips below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Although I have hand guards on my bars too to block the wind.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    Re: Jeff
    Thanks for the info. I mention water because I had a rather unpleasant experience of having a wet pair of gloves stain my hands black. It talk a week for the colour to wear off.

  4. Clinton says:

    Wash them before you use them and you’ll be fine. I can’t comment on this specific model but the older version of these gloves are nearly useless in wet cold conditions. I’m from Florida so I don’t own cold weather gloves. I never need them even on the coldest days. That said I went to Manchester, NH in the first week of Jan one year. I was told that it was actually rather warm that week if you can call 30 degree weather warm (I don’t). I brought my M-Pacts with me because they were the only gloves I owned that were somewhat presentable in public. They worked great- that is until you touched anything covered in frost or snow. Once they got even slightly damp they were worse than not wearing gloves.

  5. Randy says:

    I wasn’t impressed and these are worthless once they get even slightly damp. The seams start unraveling and our mac guy won’t warranty them.

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