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Craftsman 6.75 hp 22 in. Deck Rear Bag Mower

If you’re in the market for a gas mower, check out this one over at KMart for $155.  It’s a Craftsman 6-3/4 hp rear bag mower with a 22″ deck.  Features include a Briggs & Stratton Quantum motor, front propel drive, and the option to bag or mulch.  It comes with Craftsman’s standard 2-year limited warranty.

Craftsman Rear Bag Mower [KMart]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Craftsman’s 6-3/4 HP 22″ Rear Bag Mower For $155

  1. Blake West says:

    Boy, that really blows my mind. I bought the same craftsman mower 7 years ago, WITHOUT the propel drive, and it cost me $350. I just recently moved back into a house after several years of apartment dwelling and have been really surprised how much more mower you can buy for the money.

    Still, my old mower works great. Plus I get lots of exercise on my 1/3 acre lot. I guess that’s cool…

  2. Thomas O'Keefe says:

    The Briggs engines on ’07 Craftsman models are no longer rated in HP – they carry a torque rating. The Craftsman insignia is no longer on the top of the rear bag – it’s on the side. This may be a ’06 model? But I can’t find it on the KMart website anyway… Anyone certain about this deal?

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