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The Bigg Lugg 2 is just an elastic loop with a ball on the end that fits a socket that clips on your belt.  But it beats the hell out of balancing that $400 pneumatic nailer on top of a ladder and hoping for the best.  Think of it as a universal tool holster.

Peter Kahn — a frustrated contractor who couldn’t find a good way to keep his nailer close at hand — invented the Bigg Lugg, a simple hook attached to cushioned clip intended to hold cordless drills.  Next came The Bigg Lugg 2, which upped the ante, attaching to pretty much anything you can wrap its bungee loop around — anything up to ten pounds.

Bigg Lugg also offers several other products that work with the Lugg 2’s ball-and-socket system, including a nail/tool pouch that hangs off the belt clip socket.  Pricing for the basic set (pictured) starts around $10.

Bigg Lugg 2 [Bigg Lugg]
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4 Responses to A Universal Tool Holster

  1. Julian Tracy says:

    These are also sold as Husky brand at HD. I use em on my cordless and air guns.

    They actually work great and are handy for things like the cordless flashlight that you could not use a standard tool “hook” for.

    Although they bounce a bit – they are heavy duty enough to use with even a framing gun.

    For the money – highly reccomended.


  2. Eric Dykstra says:

    Rather than a bungee cord i think i might prefer a zip tie–or a hook for one. It would stop the bounce issue.

  3. Clinton says:

    I like the Bigg Lugg better. It’s just a big hook with a belt clip that folds flat when not needed. Works great for holding a cordless drill and a plastic bag of bits and pieces while ascending a tall ladder. I use mine for all sorts of unapproved uses. I like to let my 6′ ladder rest on the hook when I have to wait but it’s not worth putting it down (think elevator). In my truck there’s one that holds a trash bag.

  4. Bugler says:

    Werner sells this as the “ToolLasso.” I bought it at Lowe’s for $7.50. It works great–not as secure as a drill holster, but you can use it for just about anything. Werner also sells some stepladders with ToolLasso holders molded into the top. Pretty cool.

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