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Titebond II Fluorescent Glue Stock Photo

Titebond’s fluorescent wood glue looks like normal glue, but glows under a “black light,” making it easy to spot glue you missed during sanding — before you get ready to stain that heirloom project.  There’s nothing worse than dragging your work back to the shop, removing the glue, and re-sanding everything.

Titebond adds a special dye to their Titebond II product that fluoresces under black light.  Plus, with a five-minute open time and the glue’s excellent water, heat, and solvent resistance, it’s great glue for both indoor and outdoor projects to boot.

Titebond II fluorescent wood glue runs $10 a quart — about double the cost of a quart of Titebond II.  But if you’re a messy person and can’t keep glue from spreading over everything — or you can’t risk imperfections in your woodworking projects — this might represent $5 well spent. 

Note: You’ve got to bring your own “black light.”  It’s not included.

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