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Paratech’s Biel tool incorporates a lot of the features found on their larger forced entry tools — which are popular among firefighters — but it’s small enough to carry in your turnout gear.  It’s a multi-tool by definition, but it’s designed for forcing open doors, windows, hasps, and locks.  It can also be used for chopping through drywall, pulling down lathe and wires, and pretty much any kind of general destruction.

It’s constructed of forged steel and heat treated for strength and durability.  And while it’s about 15” long in its closed position, you can extend it to 19” for additional leverage.  You can also pull the claw end out of the rubber-coated handle and insert it into the axe end for use in tight spots.

You get a chisel and metal-cutting claw on the claw end, which slides into the axe end that also has a pike on one side — like half of a regular hammer’s claw, but sharpened to a point — along with various teeth on the underside of the axe to hook onto materials for light overhaul work.

And it’s light, too: at 3.3 pounds it’s light enough to wear on a belt or carry easily in your bunker pants pocket.

Street pricing starts around $150 — a small price to pay if it saves your life.

Biel Tool [Paratech, Note: Flash Site/Indirect Link]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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