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Here’s another fun scroll saw attachment you may not have tried: scroll saw files.  These “filing blades” dramatically reduce the frustration and time it takes to produce a complex pattern by automating detail sanding and shaping.  And because of their silicon carbide coating, you can use them in a variety of materials.

These pinless file blades fit most scroll saws that accept 5″ pinless and pin-ended blades.  While their coating provides excellent abrasive properties, the blade is intended for use with light pressure — not aggressive sawing.  The blades work with hardwoods, softwoods, non-ferrous metals, and other such materials — pretty much anything you can usually work with a scroll saw.

For the amount of time, effort, and sanity that these blades will save you, their average street price of $6 per two-pack is quite the bargain.

Olson Saw Blades [Olson Saws]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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