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It was time for the engine heat test, where we heat up an engine to normal operating temperature and grab a hold of some hot steel. We were a bit stunned to find that even though the contractors are a bit thin, the longest we could leave our hand on the engine was around 22 seconds.

We really felt the heat in the area between the extra palm protection and the fingertips — in the soft gray area. That area of the hand is very sensitive to heat, which probably indicates why we saw such poor results with this glove in heat tests.



Our washer test confirmed what we suspected about the squared off fingers: you lose some fine motor control. While we did snag the larger 7/8” washer off the table on the third try, we just couldn’t pick up the smaller 1/2” washer no matter how much finger mashing we attempted to try and get under it.


We must also add that of the gloves we have tested so far, the Milwaukee contractor gloves do offer the best fingertip grip. If you even barely brush the tips against wood or metal they grab like Spiderman’s webbing — which we counted as a plus.

Read on to page three for our conclusions.

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