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Our next contestant in glove week is Milwaukee’s Contractor glove. Unlike other tool-branded gloves, the Contractors don’t have any other logos adorning their stitch-work. It’s red and black all the way with these babies. Read on for the results as we run them through the Toolmonger “gauntlet.”


milw-contractor-02.jpg milw-contractor-03.jpg milw-contractor-04.jpg

The Milwaukee Contractor gloves feature modern construction — large amounts of nylon and spandex with a bit of neoprene thrown in for padding around the top of the knuckles. The cuff is a spandex band with a hook -and-loop flap that has the “Jobsite Armor” logo emblazoned on it. The fingertips have a tough nylon wrap on the top and bottom of the tips and palm and a strip along the thumb-to-forefinger seam.

We liked the design in the palm and the strip in the web of the hand, but the added structure around the fingertips tended to square them off more than we would have liked.

General Feel

We were not surprised to feel that once your hand was inside, you barely remember you have glove on — until you put your fingertips on something. The square tips are a bit odd at first — not really much of a problem if you’re handling power tools or something larger than pocket change.

milw-contractor-05.jpg milw-contractor-06.jpg

The extra protection you get with the sewn in “armor” is a nice touch and seems to provide extra confidence when working out in the shop.

Read on to page two to see how these gloves protect against heat.

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