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Want a toe-kick saw like the Crain No. 795 featured yesterday, but don’t want to shell out serious dough?  For the hobbyist who may only use it once or twice over the course of a kitchen and/or bath remodel, the Harbor Freight model might work great — especially since (as reader Evan pointed out) it’s marked down to $40 right now.

Of course, TM reader Jeff offered another suggestion: this might be a good item to rent at your local tool rental center.  Still, I love the idea of owning my own.  And I’d bet $40 is pretty close to what you’d pay to rent one.  Hell, it’s regularly priced at only $70.  HF offers replacement blades for $5, too.

Standard disclaimer: we know it won’t last as long as the Crain.  But frankly, if you’re using it so much that you’re worried about it lasting for several remodels, then you won’t mind paying $300 for one, right?

Chicago Electric 3-3/8” Blade Toe-Kick Saw [Harbor Freight]
3-3/8″ replacement blades [Harbor Freight]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Harbor Freight’s $40 Toe-Kick Saw

  1. eschoendorff says:

    For the price, it’s hard to beat. Then again, I think I’m the only one who’s never had a problem with HF’s electric tools….

  2. Lon Bordin says:

    After wanting the Crain for a upcoming project this was Toolmonger sent.
    Thanks Jeff! I just finished my order.

  3. MikeT says:

    If you’re worried about the HF saw quitting on you partway through, a Japanese Azebiki saw will do the same job, and probably cleaner:

  4. Nancy Walker says:

    I have for an hour tried to figure out how to order this $40 toe kick saw. I only need it for a very small area and cannot find one to rent. A $70 toe kick saw is the only one that I can find to order……..thanx……Nancy

  5. Nancy,

    The Toe Kick Saw at Harbor Freight was on sale for $40 at the time this post was published. Unfortunately, it’s gone back up to its regular $70 price.

  6. Randal Brown says:

    will you let me know if this item goes on sale again? thanks.

  7. sory, i can’t speak english. i from Indonesia. i want this tool, but don’t know to buy. i don’t have mauch money. i want to doing my work more quality. help me.
    andri. jl.Letjend. Sutoyo 1 Blok B-01 Jember, east Java, Indonesia

  8. Southern White Man Dan says:

    Harbor freight is ad vertising the toe kick saw for $59?

  9. Zathrus says:

    The post is over 9 months old… the deal just might have expired by now.

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