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Picture of Mayhew's Tweaker

It seems today’s lumber yards charge more for lower quality materials.  And while you can sort through the stacks to find acceptable straight-grained construction lumber, if the lumber yard delivers to your site you’re pretty much stuck with what you get.   That’s where Mayhew’s Tweaker comes in handy: it’s a tool designed specifically to twist two-inch dimensional lumber into place and hold it in place while you nail it up.

Made from two pounds of heat-treated steel, this 14-1/2″ tool also includes a prying head and a nail puller.  It sounds a bit like a Fubar without the hammer — and the extra weight.

According to reviews at Amazon, it works pretty well.  And for about $20 you can give it a shot yourself.

The Tweaker [Mayhew]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


5 Responses to Tame Twisted Timber with the Tweaker

  1. BJN says:

    It’s not just for the twisted boards you buy cheaply/quickly or sight unseen. I regularly have supposedly kiln dried studs that twist up after getting them here. I have a Tweaker and it indeed works pretty well, at least for mild twists.

  2. Fred says:

    Stanley’s Fu-Bar has some of the same functionalility

  3. I think the Tweaker and the Fubar are really targeted at different markets. I think the Fubar is going to be a more awkward tool to use for straightening framing because it grips the lumber at a right angle. Imagine framing a wall and trying to twist a board with both the Fubar and the Tweaker. The Fubar is either going to get in the way or you are going to have an awkward time both twisting the board and nailing at the same time because your arms are farther apart.

    Also, the Fubar’s teeth might chew up the lumber more thatn the flat jaws of the tweaker, but I haven’t actually tested either.

    Maybe I should have added a comparison to the original post.

  4. Fred says:

    My decking kit includes both a Fubar (15 inch #55-119) and a Mahew Tweaker. Neither are finish carpentry tools – but both come in handy to bend some of the superstructure into place. I also use a Bowrench (CEPCO Tools) – it having replaced a Stanley Board Bender (93-310) that I acquired in the 1990’s but always found a bit awkward. I also acquired a CEPCO Flooring Jack (QJ1) on Ebay – that’s come in handy. The current kit is rounded out with 3 pee-vees – 2 from Qual-Craft (55-099 – 18 inch and 55-119 – 15 inch) and 1 from Vaughan (Bowjak – BJ-11).

    This “tweaking kit” along with a few Senco screw guns, a Sawzall, Skil worm-gear circular saw, Emglo compressor, Hitachi framing nailer, Bostitch joist hanger nail gun , Stabila levels etc. have all been used to build dozens of decks – with no complaint.

  5. Fred,

    Thanks for sharing your “tweaking kit.” It’s cool to hear from someone who actually owns and uses both the Fubar and Tweaker. When I posted the Tweaker, I was afraid I was going to get 50 posts saying, “Why buy the Tweaker when you can have the Fubar?” So maybe I was getting a little defensive.

    Now the CEPCO Flooring Jack, there’s a tool I wish I had when I was putting down my hardwood floor.

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