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If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to smooth out your rough scrollsaw cuts — or other cramped edges — scroll saw sander belts can provide some relief.  They’re flexible, cloth-backed sanders that attach to most scroll saws and hug the edge of your cuts, sanding without flattening or gouging wood as rigid-backed abrasives can.

You can easily find both variety packs and single-grit bulk packs, but my advice is to snag a bulk pack so you can try ’em out and then just reorder the grits you use most.  A package of four sanders costs a whopping $7 shipped, so giving them a try won’t send you to the poorhouse, either.

Google products wasn’t very helpful in locating sanding belts, but you can find them directly from manufacturers — or through several woodworking vendors, a few of which I’ve linked below.

Scroll Saw Sanding Belts [Scroll Sander]
Scroll Saw Sanding Belts [Woodcraft]
Scroll Saw Sanding Belts [Sloan’s Woodshop]


2 Responses to Scroll Saw Sanding Belts

  1. Brad says:

    These sound great. Never heard of / seen such an animal. Might have to pick a few packs up. Thanks!

  2. S Schutte says:

    Need sanding belts for the 405mm ryobi scroll saw. Model SC1600VL

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