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BioPro 190

Fueling up that big-ass diesel truck and heating your shop aren’t getting any cheaper.  And while making your own lower-cost fuel from waste vegetable oil is an option, it can be a laborious undertaking involving a lot of time and the skills of a organic chemist.  Or, you can give the BioPro 190 from AGR Energy a try.  It makes fifty gallons of high grade diesel fuel every two days for less than a dollar a gallon — with minimal effort.

The advantage of the BioPro 190 over do-it-yourself biofuel systems is its compact size and relative ease of use.  It requires only six square feet of floor space and a common 15A 110V circuit.  Best of all, your total time commitment per batch is thirty minutes or less.

Still, making biodiesel still isn’t for the feint of heart: even with the BioPro you’ll have to work with supplies methanol, caustic lye, and sulfuric acid — which you can source locally or buy in packs from online retailers.  And its price of $7,500 isn’t a small initial investment, either.  But once you factor in tax deductions and fuel savings, the BioPro 190 can pay for itself in just a couple of years of operation. 

If nothing else, the BioPro goes a long way towards making carbon-neutral DIY fuel for the everyday Joe a reality.

BioPro 190 [AGR Energy]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
List of Dealers [via Bio Pro Dealers]


11 Responses to Biodiesel for Dummies

  1. Scraper says:

    So if I make my own fuel, do I still have to pay the road taxes that are added at the gas stations?

  2. Steve O says:

    How much is bulk vegetable oil?

  3. Jaxx says:

    In the UK you are supposed to declare the fact you are producing and using fuel and pay about 25p on the litre. I guess if you don’t go bragging you can get away with it.

  4. Jake says:

    I dunno, seems like a lot to spend when you can convert your car (and I would think a house too) to straight used veg oil for a lot less money than that, and ride for pretty much free…

  5. Charlie says:

    I seem to remember reading a story about a retired gentleman who basically lost everything to the IRS under the claim of not paying road-use taxes, because he was using bio-diesel he had made…

  6. Eric Dykstra says:

    Hey guys!

    Scraper, check with your local DOT and department of revenue for details. I think it depends on your state, county etc.

    Steve O, Most people make deals with local restaurants or food producers. Businesses often have to pay to have waste oil removed from their site.

    Jake, For an old junker i agree with you. If i had an old diesel golf or rabbit i would defiantly consider a grease car conversion. However with newer car I’d rather Biodiesel. When running straight grease I believe you have to upgrade your fuel system due to the caustic nature of used oil. It will eat right through rubber lines not to mention the whole hassle involved with keeping the oil warm and filtered. One good use for the BioPro 190 would be a community biodiesel co-op. There’s at least one here in the Commonwealth. People collect used oil and bring it to a drop off. They also donate their time to help produce the fuel. In return they get cheap diesel fuel.

    Here’s a link to the story Charlie mentioned: http://tinyurl.com/ys6xen
    Making one’s own fuel isn’t a project to take lightly, it’s more of a life style than a hobby. However i think it’s pretty cool and something worth considering.

  7. Cameron says:

    Biodiesel freakin rocks homes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cameron says:

    agr is du

  9. Cameron says:

    agr is dumb duh!!!! Peter says “what are you doing?”

  10. Amanda says:

    If this machine is a write-off why the balls would I not want to buy this, its an awesome investment anyone would ask for.. You could make hella coin with this beast.. I will order one as soon as humanly possible I can put it next to my night stand and paint it blue like my high school colors duh. Cruiser blue!!!!! B-I-O is the way to save the world (Emma)

  11. This post has really caused me to think about several new issues in our world. Thanks for causing others to think.

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