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Irwin’s InnerGrip work gloves are a bit different.  They look cool, but any Toolmonger will tell you that looking good and being good are two separate things entirely.  So we inagurated glove week by putting ’em to the test, Toolmonger style.  Read on past the jump for our detailed hands-in experiences and lots of pictures.


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The InnerGrip draws its name from zillions of tiny rubber studs that line the entire inside of the glove, theoretically for added gripping power.  The glove itself is made from tan suede with black nylon fingers.  Irwin sewed rubber grip areas into the fingers and palm area, and added foam pads to the rubber coated palm section for added comfort.

The finger seams are all sewn to the inside to give the glove a nice outward appearance. There’s also a huge hard-rubber Irwin logo on the outside top of the glove; we worried this might be uncomfortable once our hand was inside. 

General Feel


It only takes about five seconds to realize that Irwin should have named the InnerGrip the InnerPain.  The hard rubber logo on the top isn’t even a concern; it’s the tiny rubber dots covering the inside that drove us crazy.  It’s like an iron maiden for your hand that (thankfully) doesn’t draw blood.  The bumps are distracting, and its difficult to pick anything up without the studs painfully digging into your hand.


We’d like to tell you more about the InnerGrip’s feel, but it’s difficult to get past the studs.  We couldn’t help thinking that maybe they’d feel better turned inside out, so we tried it: to our surprise the glove was loads more comfortable that way.  The Inner studs worked well as the outer studs, and the huge inside stitched seams weren’t a problem at all.  Flipping them ’round did make the gloves a bit ugly, but at least it they no longer felt like a bed of nails.

Read on to page two for our protection and dexterity tests.

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2 Responses to Hands-On: Irwin’s InnerGrip Work Gloves

  1. bc says:

    i think IRWIN makes really cheap/low quality products…

  2. eschoendorff says:

    IRWIN used to make really high quality stuff… now they’re more hit-or-miss. I’d have to see these gloves in person before I’d buy them….

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