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Heat can help loosen stubborn bolts, but what about situations when open flame isn’t an option?  The Mini-Ductor applies the same magnetic induction technology you see in modern rangetop stoves to heat up metal — and only metal — in very specific locations.  This might be great for working near fuel lines or in tight spots.

It comes with a Nut-Z-Off (stop laughing) coil that fits around various sizes of nuts and bolts, a Bearing Buddy rope coil which is perfect for taking apart stuck bearings, and a U-formed coil for everything else.  The owner’s manual shows you how to best use each of the various attachments, and Induction Innovations — the manufacturer — also sells a mini-pad that can be used to remove vinyl decals and other moldings from painted panels.


All this induction fun doesn’t come cheap though: at a street price of $480 it’s obviously geared more towards the professional mechanic than hobbyists.  Unless, of course, you’re a freakin’ loaded hobbyist.

Mini-Ductor [Induction Innovations]


7 Responses to Flameless Heat From The Mini-Ductor

  1. Mike Beversluis says:

    You might not get as hot as that red-hot nut they got there, but heat tape and a variac (or skip that and just switch it off when you get hot enough) might be a low-buck alternative.

  2. Doug says:

    I hope your liability insurance is paid up with that “use near fuel lines” suggestion. You sure about that?

  3. Well, don’t dip the inductor coil in your fuel tank, but the point is that this device heats up only the metal you want it to, and only the metal. Given the localized nature of the heating, it’s safe(r) than an open flame near fuel lines. That said, common sense still applies. There’s really no liability insurance that can cover Darwin Award candidates.

  4. Rick says:

    Neat, I am sure it fits a need. But lostening bolts it will not do, nuts yes. Heat makes things expand, so it really only seems to be useful for bolts… quite a limited number of uses…. but definitely cool… or hot… yeah “hot”

  5. Tracy Allen says:

    I understand what Rick is trying to say. If the nut expands, it will make it easier to loosen because of expansion. But sometimes heating a bolt will work also, although it seems to defy logic. The website with the most information about the Mini-Ductor is http://www.denlorstools.com/ there is also a link to the pdf brochure.

  6. Rick,

    In some cases we can actually loosen bolts. In an example of a truck bed bolt, which has thread lock compount, we heat up the bolt as much as we can to allow the heat to travel down the bolt, expand and break the bond. Once cooled, the bolt should crank right off.

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