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Ever need to cut through something quickly, but don’t feel like digging out the reciprocating saw or an extension cord? Try this clever hand saw from Bosch which accepts any brand of T-shank jigsaw or reciprocating saw blade up to 1/2“ wide. You can mount the blades pointing straight out from the handle or at a 60-degree angle like a pistol grip. It looks like it’d work great for cutting drywall or as a pruning saw that you can toss in your to-go bag.

It also provides in-handle storage for blades up to 4-1/2 inches long, and Bosch kindly includes two blades to get you started. You get a T313AW blade, which is a sharp, serrated multi-purpose blade great for cutting rubber, carpet, or even foam. The other blade is an S644D reciprocating saw blade great for wood, mdf, drywall, or plywood.

Heck, at a street price of around $15 it’d be a shame to not have one of these around the next time you need to prune a branch — or open a stubborn blister pack.

Pocket Saw [Bosch Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


7 Responses to An Inexpensive — But Useful — Pocket Hand Saw

  1. AZ_Engineer says:

    I’ve had this saw for over 10 years. I think I got it free with purchase of a Bosch jig saw. Very useful. Takes jig saw blades and reciprocating saw blades.

  2. How do you change blades? I have a cheapy store band version of this thats need a screwdriver to change blades. I am assuming the twist knob in the middle is used for tool-less blade changing. I like the blade storage and choice of blade positions, I’d almost shell out $15 rather than paying $4 for the store brand one again.

  3. AZ_Engineer says:

    Just rotate the knob to change blades. Also, there are two angles you can set blades at.

  4. nrChris says:

    A lot of people will buy this because it is an inexpensive Bosch.

  5. T says:

    I like this because I can take the blade off and store it in the handle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve poked myself in the hand with my jab saw while reaching for something else.

  6. JamesBrauer66 says:

    After making a duct tape handle for a sawzall blade, I thought I would try to make a wooden handle for that type blade. But it looks like somebody already had the same idea and saved me a good bit of effort.

  7. CTD3 says:

    All well and good on Bosch they make some fine tools but likely the best in along these lines are the Japanese handsaws and accessories from Frank Tashiro in Seattle, ; now there’s some serious reasonably priced and large variety of handsaws http://www.tashirohardware.com/ . Which are portable handles and blades last a long time and separate easily (unless you leave in the rain!).

    Chris in Portland , Maine

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