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It’s been a busy week here at Toolmonger. If you’ve been spending time in the shop — you should! — and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

Hands-On: Buck’s X-Tract
We reviewed the Buck X-Tract and found it to be a solid knife worthy of the shop.  Check out the review for details, but in short: we didn’t find much wrong with it.

Hands-On: Dremel’s Scroll Station
Guess what?  Dremel doesn’t just make small tools.  Their Scroll Station kicked ass and took names with the best bench-top rigs out there when we fired it up in the Toolmonger shop.

Circuit Alert’s Voltage-Sensing Wire Stripper
As our readers pointed out, this tool has probably saved many an apprentice a “hey, grab that wire for me” fate on jobsites everywhere.  And it looks like a decent set of wire strippers, too.

Bring Real-Time Engine/Computer Data To Your Dashboard
The ScanGuage II can clear pesky check engine lights in your rig, but you can also set it up to as a dash-mounted data tracking computer that measures everything from throttle position to airflow.  Check out the post for details.

It’s Just Cool: The Tank Tool
Holy crap — this is our favorite post this week: the Tank Tool rumbles in at number five. It’s small.  It’s green.  And we must have one.  Look for a group buy option shortly.

Help us choose next week’s Top 5!

We’d appreciate your help in choosing next week’s Top 5, which’ll be featured here, elsewhere, and in the podcast as well. While you’re reading TM this week, look out for the “Interesting Post” button at the bottom of the article:


When you see an article that piques your interest, click the button once. You’ll return to the same page, but TM’s software’ll score your click for future reference. We’ll check in on the totals before selecting next week’s Top 5.


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