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Baird Brothers’ light switch and outlet covers save you loads of time finishing out your favorite room.  Instead of getting bogged down making hardwood outlet covers, they’ll sell you one and ship it right to your home for about $6 per cover — and no one has to know.

That works great for me, as I love the look of the wooden plate covers but don’t want to spend all the shop time to make and finish them when I could builld other (more interesting) projects.  Plus, the Baird Brothers plates come in seven different finishes and look sweet right from the start — without me doing of bit of sanding.

They’re available in almost any common switch or outlet combo, and the Bros’ will make you one if you have some sort of freaky wiring job that requies an odd size — or if you’ve got a crazy desire for exotic wood.  Teak switch plates, for example, might cross over to the extreme side of custom room décor, but they’re still cool as hell.

Hardwood Switch Plates [Baird Brothers]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


4 Responses to Baird Brothers’ Hardwood Switch Plates

  1. Adrian Rollett says:

    Baird Brothers is a really cool place – I went there one time to pick up some trim I had ordered. I forget how many acres the guy said they had under roof, but it was a lot! All their wood is kept at a constant temperature. They burn their sawdust to heat the warehouses in the winter, and sell it to farmers in the summer. Really neat operation.

  2. Roscoe says:

    I’ve never seen these in select species before. This would look really sharp in a wood raised-paneled room.

  3. Jason says:

    I recently ordered doors, stair treads, and flooring from Baird. The salesperson was very helpful and their products look very good.

  4. Kevin Harvey says:

    Can you make a electrical cover (like one displayed on right on this page that I’m emailing on) which has two light switches to the LEFT and one plug (TWO STANDARD THREE PRONGED PLUGS VERTICAL FROM EACHOTHER) on RIGHT- all in one unit- standard sized- (IN NATURAL FINISHED HICKORY)?

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