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(Tuesday, August 28th, 2007) Tonight: Mike Rowe goes on a Wild Goose Chase and Build it Bigger builds replacement homes for Katrina survivors. 10 Things You Must Know tells us how to paint the house; it’s a good thing we procrastinated this year — now we’ll know how to do it right next summer.

All times are central.

  • Holmes on Homes: Ceiling the Deal (Home, 5:00 p.m.)
  • Machinery of the Past (RFD-TV, 5:00 p.m.)
  • Chop Cut Rebuild: Shop…Cut Rebuild! (Speed, 6:00 p.m.)
  • Dirty Jobs: Mule Logger (Discovery, 7:00 p.m.)
  • Overhaulin’: Motley Cruiser (TLC, 7:00 p.m.)
  • Dirty Jobs: Wild Goose Chase (Discovery, 8:00 p.m.)
  • Build It Bigger: Hurricane-Proof Homes (Discovery, 9:00 p.m.)
  • John Ratzenberger’s Made in America: Filson Outdoor Apparel, PSE Archery, Schutt football helmets (Travel, 9:00 p.m.)
  • 10 Things You Must Know: 10 Things You Must Know: Painting a House Exterior (DIY, 9:00 p.m.)
  • Ice Road Truckers: Then and Now (History, 9:00 p.m.)
  • John Ratzenberger’s Made in America: Precor Exercise Equipment, Young Electric Sign Company, Texas Instruments (Travel, 9:30 p.m.)
  • Trade School: Tiling (DIY, 9:30 p.m.)
  • Dirty Jobs: Geoduck Farmer (Discovery, 10:00 p.m.)



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