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This week we talk woodworking, delving into a low-cost bookcase Sean is building.  For far under $200, he’s put together a nice plan that’s easy to build without mounted power tools.  And, as always, we run down the week’s top five posts as selected by Toolmonger readers, taking some time at the end to call out a few posts we thought deserved attention.  Highlights: we talk about all the tools required to build the bookcase, discuss easy hand-wipe oil stains, relate seat-belt-cutting experiences, share our love of full face shields, and lament the end of Ice Road Truckers.  Remember, if you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 866-718-9403. (Podcast Download)


One Response to Tool Talk Podcast #22

  1. Nate O says:

    Great description of the bookshelf and a great plug for Danish Oil. …but where are the plans and pictures! Can’t wait to see ’em. Great job.

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