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Unlike most “contour sanders” which can change the shape of the material as you work, this one holds sandpaper in exactly the profile you set.  It works just like a contour gauge, but with sheets instead of pins so it can support sandpaper.

To set its shape, just loosen the two side screws and press the inner sheets against your desired curve.  Then tighten the screws to pull the sides together and lock the sheets in position.  This particular model is designed for sanding on model airplanes, but it looks big enough for some furniture detail applications, too.

Street pricing starts around $10.

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3 Responses to Great Planes’ Contour Duplicator Sanding Guide

  1. Yuppers says:

    I’d say that’s a HOT rather than a NOT.

  2. Sweet find! I have been working on some trim in the kitchen for what seems like years. Finish sanding intricate profiles with 3 different grits takes tons of time. I’m going to give this a try. It should make sanding quicker than making negative profiles in bondo or free sanding.

  3. Mike says:

    I wonder how sharp or comlex of a contour the sandpaper will bend too.

    Which size do you recommend for trim the 5 or 10 in long models?

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