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Flowtron Leaf-Eater Electric Leaf Shredder #LE-800

Autumn is approaching, and after the leaf peeping comes the leaf-blowing/mulching season.  Here’s some help: over at Amazon I spotted this Flowtron Leaf-Eater electric leaf shredder for $51.39.  It has a 21″ hopper and claims a 30:1 mulching ratio.  It’s constructed from steel and high-density polyethylene, so it weighs in at an easy-to-carry 16 pounds, and it ships with a 1-year warranty.

Leaf Eater [Flowtron]
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5 Responses to Dealmonger: Flowtron Leaf-Eater

  1. tim underwood says:

    They work OK but have a pretty slow feed rate. First you have to rake the leaves then stand around feeding them into the hopper about a third full at a time. I gave mine to my brother in law (his yard is about a quarter the size of mine) and got a Honda mulching mower.

  2. Roscoe says:

    I’ll second the Honda mulching mower. It’s a lot easier, and “greener”, to rake the leaves out of beds and other areas you don’t mow, and then mulch them right into the yard. Nothing to haul away and it’s good for the yard. Just make sure to mow different directions each time.

  3. Nordmann says:

    Here is an instructable to make the same thing with an old string trimmer and a trash can.

  4. JamesBrauer66 says:

    When I lived in places that got leaves in they yard I would just run my push mower in a spiral a couple of times to mulch up the leaves. They have to be dry for it to work, but it worked for pretty deep leaves.

  5. Rick says:

    It works. Just dont feed it sticks. They break the trimming wire right away. The lawnmower definitely works better. but if you are using this for composting leaves, or something like that it works great. It will mount right on top of a trash can so you can dispose of them more efficientlly if you wish. I got mine for $20 at a yardsale and that was well worth it. $50 may be worth it if you have the storage space.

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