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Remember Porter-Cable’s Model 121 portable spindle sander?  Now Rockler offers an insert which allows you to mount it to the Rockler router table, turning it into both a portable and stationary tool — without taking up any additional shop space.

Granted, you’ll also need Rockler’s exclusive router table kit. But considering the multi-use benefits of the sander in both portable and stationary mode — and the fact that the table will also serve as a router table — this could be a great solution for woodworkers on a budget or with limited shop space.  To further add to the multi-tasking love-fest, you don’t even have to remove the plate from the sander in order to use it in portable mode; it actually gives you a wider, more stable base for handheld sanding.

The insert is pre-drilled for the Porter-Cable 121 model sander.  Available exclusively from Rockler, it’s $40.  Remember, though, that you’ll also need their Router Table Kit.  You could make your own table top to utilize Rockler’s pre-drilled sander plate, but the table kit is only $160.  Either way, using their plate will ensure a solid base for your sander.

PC Oscillating Spindle Sander Plate [Rockler]
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One Response to Rockler’s Router Table Insert for Porter-Cable’s Spindle Sander

  1. Rick Reimundez says:

    Just as an aside, Woodhaven has their own version of this that is being discontinued. They’ve got two left if anyone is interested. Only thing is that it costs $10 more.

    To its credit though, this one is wider and more importantly it has three inserts to accommodate various sizes of sanding drum. Also comes with mounting screws.

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