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Sure, your SDS-Plus rotary hammer offers a demolition mode, but it can’t match the output energy of this corded SDS-Max hammer: a whopping 9.2 ft/lbs. of force.  And Hitachi claims that force goes into your work instead of your arms thanks to a double-insulated housing.

According to Hitachi, the IDI (internal double insulation) reduces vibration by 40%, which they say leads to a 30% reduction in your exertion operating the tool.  The hammer also sports a non-slip elastomer-grip handle and a removable side-mounted D-handle to help give you more control.

Of course, all this power comes with a price: a very reasonable $375.  (We did find it on Amazon for $330 right now, though.)

SDS-Max Shank Demolition Hammer [Hitachi]
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Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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