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As portable Halogen work lights go, the HSK142r from Husky is about as solid-looking as they come.  Hey, any light with a mad-max style front grill is on my techno-punk cool list.  But the coolest part is that this 12V DC rechargeable work light operates both corded and cordless.

You can either plug in the light via a cigarette light adapter, or it’ll run off its own juice. The cigarette lighter jack on the base can also function as 12V DC portable power supply in emergencies if you need it.

Halogen lights put off a ton of light, but aren’t very resistant to the knock-around activities that happen in the shop me dropping them.  But If you’re careful with it, this might make a decent shop light — or an even better car or boat emergency light.

Street pricing starts at $27.

HSK142r Work Light [Husky]


5 Responses to Husky Halogen Shop Light

  1. JamesBrauer66 says:

    If Husky made one of these with LEDs instead of halogen, I would be all over it. I like the 12v feed and supply options but using halogen seems like the “give away the printer, charge triple for the ink” kinda commodity business model.

  2. Nah, halogen bulbs are fairly generic. They’re just used here because they provide a lot of lumens per dollar. LEDs would quadruple the cost, and Husky isn’t exactly known as a pro-level brand.

    I’ve been building just such a “serious” LED utility light, and the *parts alone* have set me back $50-plus. Even in manufacturing volumes, that’s still not chump change.

  3. mel ezzo says:

    I have one of these and use it a lot. Has a great quality bright light. It is great for use in small rooms as a area light when stretching a cord for one is a hassle. also a good light for auto repair at night.

  4. JLS123 says:

    Here are some state-of-the-art work lights… http://www.led-worklight.com/product/MXN01200

  5. robert gilbert says:

    I would like to order husky halogen shop light model hsk142r

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