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Fuller’s soon-to-be-released “bullet blade” takes its name from it’s double curved head.  It looks more like a Volkswagen Beetle to me, but its most important feature is that fact that it accepts special double-headed blades which you can deploy from either end.  It also has on-board storage for six additional blades. 

Truthfully, I’m having a little trouble understanding why you’d want this.  Fuller doesn’t include any other features in their press release — beside’s the rubber grips.  Like a regular utility knife, you push the blade out with a slide mechansim.  This one just slides out either end.  The blades locked into position when you press the red button near the bottom.

Fuller says pricing will start around $10 for, which is roughly standard for heavy utility knives.  But we’re guessing Fuller’s taking a Gillette approach here — dump the tool, make your fortune on the required specialty blades.  We’ll see.

Bullet Blade [Fuller Tools]


3 Responses to Preview: Fuller’s Bullet Blade

  1. Ray says:

    I’m confused. Does the blade deploy out of the end or out of the bottom? I’m guessing, based on the rocking action of the slide, that the blade comes of the bottom (towards each end) and might use standard blades. You rock to slide to the right and blade end “A” comes out of the right bottom of the knife, rock the slide to the left and point”B” of the blade comes out of the left bottom of the knife. If this is the case, in use this thing would function more like a mat cutter knife than a typical utility knife, where the flat sole of the knife rest on the material to be cut. It might be handy for making cuts along a straightedge…however since the description on the website is so poor I am only guessing.

  2. tooldork says:

    I agree with Ray — I am confused. It reminds me of Porter Cable’s belt sander in design.

    The tips are elevated, which I don’t understand.

  3. Danny says:

    I purchased this utility knife and it works great. Features I like are the 2 different blades (straight and hooked) located at each end. I cut different types of products and don’t need to go “fishing” for my carpet knife.
    You slide the middle button down to unlock and forward or backwards depending on the blade you need. The tool is very comfortable in your hand and can cut on the “pull” or the “push”. Another nice thing about this is the base, it is flat with tapered ends to finish the cut. The base also makes the cutting more secure (less shaky). Great for cutting gypsum board.
    BTW, the red buttons are for replacing the blades, press on the red button and pull out the blade. Hold down the red button and insert a new blade. Blades are Taiwan steel, ok but I prefer the blades Fuller sells which are made in Sheffield, England.

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