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If you’ve been looking for Stanley’s Mobile Project Center — the one we reviewed, complete with hand-truck attachment as opposed to the ones you find in the big box stores without — they’re available on Amazon right now for $110.  In fact, a number of Amazon’s dealers sell them right around the same price, so take your pick.

For the uninitiated: the MPC serves as a light work or clamping table with three power outlets — perfect for small, household carpentry tasks.  You can also drop down a stamped metal plate and extend its two handles to convert it into a two-wheel dolly that’ll handle just North of 200 pounds.  Check out our recent hands-on review for more details.

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One Response to Dealmonger: Stanley’s Mobile Project Center For $110

  1. Stuey says:

    Bear in mind that the non-hand-carted version is $85 at Lowes, but weighs in at about 42 pounds. At $110, it’s a so-so deal especially if you consider its price history on amazon. My opinion is that those with an immediate and urgent need for one go to Lowes or order from amazon to have the package carriers deal with the transportation hassle. For anyone else that’s considering this for future use, search TM for “Stanley Project Center” and take a look at the item’s price history. While this is a good price, there have been better. Oh, and if you contemplate ordering this for a semi-urgent project, bear in mind that Amazon will adjust prices retroactively, meaning they’ll usually give you a refund if the price drops within the next 4 weeks or so if you ask them to.

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