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We bid farewell to our frozen trucker friends from the North last Sunday. Though the series was short, there was a ton of great stuff packed into each freezing-ass cold, hour long episode, in which truckers in Canada’s Northwest Territory risk their lives driving trucks in the frozen wilderness to work in the nearly $2 billion-a-year diamond industry.

A blurb from the Ice Road Truckers series website:

The History Channel embarks upon an unparalleled adventure revealing the virtually unknown occupation of ice road trucking, considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS charts two months in the lives of six extraordinary men who haul vital supplies to diamond mines over frozen lakes that double as roads. The livelihood of many depends on these tenuous roads, which through the years have been responsible for the deaths of dozens of men.

You need to watch some of this show if for no other reason than the perspective of realizing your life is way easier than what these guys go through.

If you missed out the first time, the History Channel plans to rerun it and do a few marathons to keep it fresh in your mind. It’s worth setting the Tivo for. I’m hoping they do something akin to what happened with crab fisherman on Discovery, and are already setting up to film another season.

Ice Road Truckers [History Channel]


8 Responses to TV Review: The Ice Road Is Closed

  1. Tracy says:

    Actually, during the last episode they ran a commercial saying to keep an eye out for season 2.

  2. Can I tell you, it makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as “vital supplies for Diamond mines.”

    But then “Deadliest Catch” really made me wonder if we really need crab to eat.

  3. Scraper says:

    I really enjoyed the show and am looking forward to next year. However, I didn’t like how the show kept trying to build up drama and suspense over every little thing.

  4. Kelley Nelson says:

    I’ve watched some and think its not bad, but Scraper is right, they try to over-dramatize. I’m not sure I’ll watch next season because it may just be repetitive, but it was interesting to see a slice of what these guys do.

    In addition to jewelery, remember that the majority of diamonds are industrial diamonds used for purposes like cutting tools, etc.

  5. jeff says:

    It was over-dramatized because they seemed to feature the best drivers. Those guys hardly ever got into trouble. And the drivers that weren’t very good washed out and that didn’t make for good TV. It was the one show though that I couldn’t wait to watch every week. Tivo really is the way to go, I skipped over all the overly-dramatic lead-ins.

  6. Ray says:

    Good show however, I’d like to see more on the building and maintenance of the road. I’d guess that “Ice Road Snow Plow Driver” might be even more interesting than the Truckers. Maybe the will mix it up a little more to keep the following seasons fresh.

  7. jeff says:

    I agree Ray. I want to know the story of the first guy that has to go on the ice with a non-floating vehicle (unlike the sonar ice-checker). He’s the guy that seems to be in the most danger. He has to move all the snow so that the cold air can build more ice.

  8. Dude says:

    one episode: good TV. one (two?) season(s): sucks king kong pinos

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