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The guys over at Productdose posted about this multi tool:

Only slightly thicker than a standard dog tag, this Dog Tag Tool is a conceptual and literal variation on the kit housed in a Swiss Army knife. The tool contains a knife, bottle opener, flathead/Philips screwdrivers, said nail file, tweezers, and an LED torch (requires two lithium batteries, which are included). (There’s a lame oversight at the retail level by not allowing for customized dog tags, but there you are.) If wearing the tool like a standard dog tag is uncomfortable, it fits nicely on a keychain in the pocket.

Even though this tool isn’t something I don’t already have fifty of, and wearing it would set a new record in military wannabe-gear, I can’t help feeling like I want one anyway. But at a hefty £20.00 (about $36), it may be easier – and more patriotic – to just save the bucks and hoist up the ‘ole tool belt.

Military Dog Tag Multi-Tool [Productdose]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Dogtag Multi-Tool

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Check out Ranger Ricks survival necklace
    For some “man” jewelry.

    If I wear something it’s a compass or a neck knife
    Neck Knife

  2. Herewith, a version that also includes some USB Flash memory. Significantly cheaper now than when it was reviewed several months ago.

  3. Victor Wenger says:

    There used to be a mini foldable tin / can opener which came with the carton for C-ration boxes in the US armed forces. A GI could put this on his dog tag chain in case soemone else grabbed the next one in a carton. A more in tune designer would have also put in a can opener instead of that nail file which is kind of gay.

  4. season says:

    Hey, this is a cool stuff. I also want one. Can anyone help me to find where can I get these customized dog tags in India? I really want it.

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