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A good pack of chisels can cost a fair chunk of change – upwards of $20 or more in some cases – so why not keep a few cheap spares around? These Task Force chisels are low-grade Chinese imports that may not hold an edge as long as their high-dollar counterparts. But at $6 per pack, you can throw them in the toolbox and let anyone use them. You might get some use out of them, and you don’t have to weep if they are lost, broken, or if your shifty neighbor pockets one.

Task Force Chisels [Lowe’s]


One Response to Cheap-Ass Tools: Task Force Chisels

  1. Koba1879 says:

    The Buck Bros. set at Home Depot for 10 bucks is my pick. Made in the USA. If something made in China is sold here for DIRT cheap, sure I’ll buy it, but for the extra 4 bucks, I’ll call it a nice donation to the American working man/woman.

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