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Decking and walkways add style and functionality to your yard.  And Mr. Boardwalk’s roll-out wooden walkways make what normally takes all day into a quick and relatively painless task.  Style and easy?  Sign us up.

You can lay the walkways can straight or in curved patterns to make a path where and how you need it.  Rope and spacers keep the slats together and curving in the path where you’d like them.  To make a walkway just put the bundle down and kick it out, then bend it where you want curves in the path.

The roll-out walk ways are made of Southern pressure-treated yellow pine, cypress, or “teak.”  However, you need to read the site if you want the teak, because it’s not real.  The “Teak” is actually Pau Lope — a South American Hardwood that’s similar to Mahogany.  Still, it’s a good-looking wood.  Pricing varies on length and material but is comparable with what you wood pay for lumber doing it yourself.

Mister Boardwalk [Official Website]


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  1. Trevor Dyck says:

    Love the marketing style, hahaha.

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