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Remember in Star Trek when Doctor McCoy would pass a Tri-corder over an alien and tell everyone what his blood type is? The Mini-Ligno wood moisture meter is like that-except with moisture content and wood. The idea is to minimize moisture problems on your next woodworking project by seeing them coming. The wood meter can ensure that wood will maintain its dimensional stability and let you know if defects such as surface cracks, splits, warping and delaminating will occur due to too much or to little moisture in the wood.

There are 2 pins on this model that can be pressed to the wood, fiber, bamboo, cotton, or paper that contains moisture inside. The large LED readout displays the Moisture Content, or “MC,” in percentage form.

For $100 it’s a great tool to have, but general hobbyists might be put off by spending a Benjamin and getting a tool that doesn’t actually make anything. But for those woodworkers out there who turn projects that make the rest of us covet thy neighbor’s skills- it’s a must have.

Mini-Ligno Wood Moisture Meter [Lignomat]
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