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Pros will tell you that it’s the quality of the wax finish on furniture that really separates the beginners from the big guys. Black Bison wood wax from Liberon is the kind of fine furniture wax that won’t leave your masterpiece looking like a bowling alley.

Black Bison Wax is favored in across the pond for its blend of paraffin and carnauba wax, along with its distinctive, pleasant aroma. Compare this with Johnson’s standard paste wax that uses straight carnauba and is known for buffing up bowling alley floors. Traditionally, Black Bison is used on antiques, but it will also enhance the natural grain of new wood and protect it from drying out.

To apply, first remove old wax and dirt by rubbing with mineral spirits. Then apply the wax sparingly to the furniture surface with 0000 grade steel wool. Allow the surface to dry and then buff with a clean cotton cloth.

Pricing starts at around $20 per can. It can be tough to find, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

Black Bison Wood Wax [Liberon]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


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  1. l_bilyk says:

    I don’t think johnsons is straight carnuba wax.. straight carnuba wax is pretty expensive

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