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After reading our post earlier in the week asking what you carry in your toolbox, TM reader dbthetd posted this photo the contents of his to-go tool bag.  All the contents you see pictured above fit into a roll-up/strap up bag that looks like it won’t rattle and will unfold to offer easy access to the tools.  Check out the pool for more photos, including the bag rolled out on a table and all packed up for travel.

Hopefully he’ll stop by and give us some additional details in comments!

And hey — don’t be afraid to post your latest tool conquest to the photo pool.  We’d love to see your shop, your latest project, or even the tool you bought at the supermarket check out ’cause it looked really cheesy.  Seriously, we tool geeks live for that kind of stuff.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to From The Flickr Pool: One Well-Thought-Out Tool Bag

  1. Not being one to turn down an invitation…

    So like I had said this is a CLC backpack I bought several years ago. It seemed to be a nice compromise between my old two drawer Craftsman Rally Box and several new fabric bags I had tried and disliked. The problem with the old box was that it was heavy and “uncompressable” for packing. The problem with the new bags was that I could never find anything. This pack is lightweight and smushible, but also has a place for everything and everything has a place.

    The stuff in it is an accumulation of several years of freelance scenery technician needs. On any given day I could wind up doing carpentry, metals, rigging, or mechanic work; so the tools really run the range.

    I’m particularly happy I was able to find a handsaw I could make work in this arrangement, although I do have to remove the handle to get it to fit (the handle goes in too, just in different pockets) and the plastic blade guard is essential to keep from being cut while reaching for something else. The laser is a bit of a fib as it doesn’t go in the bag. I thread the backpack strap through the belt loops on the holster and it rides outside. I’ve also done this on occasion with my multi-tool sheath, a screwgun holster, and the headgear in both a welding shield and a hardhat.

    Its also not clear from the photos, but it is possible to get at nearly everything with the bag upright and just the top unzipped. That’s nice because all opened up it does take up some space. It might not be easy to get something back into its pocket, but that’s easy enough to leave till the next time its rolled out. Also, there is a little space in the closed bag on top of the roll, so if need be I can stuff parts or another tool or something like my welding greens into the backpack too. It puffs it out some but it still works.

    So that’s the scoop.

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