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If you’ve been thinking about picking up one of ProVision’s flexible scopes but don’t want to mail order, now might be the time.  Sears carries them, but usually marks them up a bit too much for my taste.  Right now they’re offering the 36″ model for $225, $25 off their normal price — and about what you can get it for if you shop hard elsewhere.  The best part: you can pick it up right at the store and play with it tonight.

Also, though I don’t own one of these — yet, dammit — I’ve always thought the ProVision looked a bit thinner than the rest, like it’d fit into tighter spaces.

The sale says “today only,” but it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw this again soon.  And oh yeah, there are other items included in the sale.  This just caught my eye.

ProVision 36″ Flexible Scope [Sears]


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