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This is probably the cheapest you’ll ever find a 5″ hardwood hand screw — just $2 from Harbor Freight right now.  And before you say it in comments, we know these are probably cheap in both common uses of the word.  Still, who could pass up having a few of these around the shop for this kind of pocket change?

Note: When I saw these on sale, I also saw some split-leather work gloves for $1 a pair.  If you don’t already have a set of “clean gloves” in the shop, these would work great.

5″ Genuine Hardwood Hand Screw [Harbor Freight]


4 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: A 5″ Hardwood Hand Screw For $2

  1. JamesBrauer66 says:

    After nearly ten years with this type of clamp, I never used them – and finally just gave them away. $2 at HF will get a usable, but sloppy, C-clamp.

  2. Michael B says:

    Depends on what you are using them for…. I have a couple sets from HF that come in real handy sometimes, just depends on what you are clamping.

  3. Teacher says:

    I use this type of clamp a lot but mainly for woodworking.

  4. dmyoung says:

    These clamps are very versatile, non-marring, and fast-acting.

    I use one clamp in a horizontal plane to hold a small irregular object at its base, then use a second clamp in a vertical plane to clamp the first clamp anywhere on my workbench’s edge.

    Holds the irregular-shape object rock steady for carving, drilling, filing, etc.

    Also, cutting plywood and MDF.

    I lay sacrificial 2 x 4 or 1 x 2 strips across sawhorses. Place sheet of plywood on top of those. Use clamps to secure the straightedge cutting guide/plywood/sacrificial strip stack, then cut with circular saw blade set 1/8″ below thickness of plywood or MDF.

    Solid cutting setup!

    Got my wooden clamps locally at discount store, they’re just like Harbour Freight’s.

    Get a bunch, different sizes!

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