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Long-time TM reader Stuey plowed through Amazon’s “Friday and Weekend” deal list and found these items that might interest Toolmongers:

Hitachi’s M12V2 15A 3-1/4 HP Variable Speed Plunge Router [What’s this?] 
Amazon lists it (pictured) for $152, but Google Products returns it in the $175 to $200 range.  It also comes with both 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets.

Milwaukee’s 14.4V Drill w/Worklight Plus 15-Piece Bit Set [What’s this?]
It’s a nice-looking drill and light for $123.49 — especially when it runs over $175 elsewhere.  The included “Denali” bits may not be the best, but hey — they’re free!

Skil 29-Piece HSS Drill Bit Set [What’s this?]
It ships in a metal case with index, and this weekend it’s $10.

Thanks for the tips, Stuey!


8 Responses to Dealmonger: Amazon’s Weekend Deals

  1. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    That has got to be the ugliest tool I’ve seen this month. It looks like the monster from Alien’s hairball.

  2. l_bilyk says:

    ugly tool, but very good value for your dollar

  3. Brau says:

    Too bad they don’t put their R&D into quality design rather than oddball appearances.

  4. Stuey says:

    Would you guys rather have a pretty tool that functions poorly or an odd looking tool that functions well?

    I think that it’s obvious; Hitachi’s tool design folk care more about designing tools that work well than tools that look pretty on the shelf. Who cares if it looks unconventional as long as it handles routing tasks well.

  5. l_bilyk says:

    Myabe, but i’m not sure if the M12V2 is any better than the M12V

  6. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    >Would you guys rather have a pretty tool that functions poorly or
    >an odd looking tool that functions well?

    Fortunately there’s a third choice: I prefer a pretty tool that functions perfectly. For shop routers, I prefer Porter-Cable. I also have a cheapo Black and Decker that I use out on job sites. As for Hitachi, I haven’t used the M12V2, but as I_bilyk alludes, the M12V has a reputation for breaking easily, especially when dropped.

  7. The Hitachi router is now $137.

    At that price, it might be a good intermediate choice between a B&D and a PC.

    I’m in the market for a router these days but I think that I’ll go for a Bosch or PC, just due to their reputations. But their high cost make models like this Hitachi sooo tempting!

  8. Stuey says:

    Also, the Milwaukee drill kit dropped in price as well, to $111.45.

    The price and five year warranty is making it look awfully good.

    For anyone reading this that jumped on the deal a few weekends ago – don’t hesitate to contact amazon and ask for a price adjustment – they haven’t turned me down yet!

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