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TM reader ChaimWhite directed us to what’s apparently an upcoming release of a new tool line from Ryobi.  What is it?  We have no idea.  The website (link below) is currently active and shows a countdown to a release just less than a month away, but if you click through to play the accompanying Flash game, it’s all screwed up.  It appears to be some kind of trivia game, but all the questions and answers show up as “undefined.”

Maybe this is a stab at something like Halo 2’s pre-release viral marketing site.  Or maybe somebody just threw the switch a little early.  If you know any more of the story or anything about the new tool line, drop us a line.

Hypergreenbox.com [Ryobi]

Update: TM readers say the quiz works for them.  Maybe it’s a Firefox issue.


17 Responses to What The Hell Is HyperGreenBox?

  1. David P says:

    Worked for me.

    You answer 4 questions, and you get the opportunity to fill out your personal info for a chance to win a “Hypergreen Workshop.” What is it? Who knows? A new color scheme? Solar powered tools? Or maybe in a few days I’ll be getting email announcing that I’ve won the Euro-milloines lotterry in Nigeria sponsored by Reyobi tools, and all I need to do is cash some checks that they’ll be mailing to me….

  2. JK says:

    Worked for me too…

  3. Brad says:

    According to FineWoodworking Ryobi is releasing a line of Lithium Ion tools called “One+” that happen to be green.


  4. Rick says:

    Seems to be a sporadic issue.. I went in with IE, and at first it still wasn’t working – and I reloaded and it worked. Go figure.

  5. tooldork says:

    Firefox user – answered all four and registered.

  6. Zathrus says:

    I had the “undefined” issue, but reloaded and it was fine.

    If the Fine Woodworking info is correct (and I suspect it is) then this looks really hot. I like the Ryobi 18V One+ line of tools since they’re very affordable, particularly to weekend warriors. Being able to use LiI batteries as well would be really nice (although I doubt you’d want to mix and match for tools that have been balanced for one or the other).

    And while the color is awful, I don’t really care about aesthetics.

  7. Chris Ford says:

    just click reload and it works

  8. kythri says:

    One+ is the 18V NiCad line that’s currently out in force. I doubt they’d be using that name for the new line, unless they’re planning on making the stuff interchangeable, which might be interesting.

    My One+ stuff right now works and works. Lithium Ion tools really don’t seem like they’re everything the hype makes them out to be.

    I gotta say, too – that neon-green is butt-ugly.

  9. Bob says:

    I think Lithium Ion is perfect for the weekend warrior types. Since they hold their charge for up to 18 months. Problem with the NiCad batteries is that you charge them up and then a month or two later when you want to use them the battery is dead.

  10. Zathrus says:

    kythri, if you read the Popular Woodworking article linked above then you’ll see that it is, indeed, made to be interchangeable with the current 18V One+ line.

    That has me really intrigued. As for LiI — it’s not hype; they run longer with less weight. That’s pretty useful in my book! Shouldn’t give any higher torque, rotation speed, etc. though.

    Oh, and Bob makes a good point about LiI vs NiCad/NiMh — LiI don’t have the self-discharge issues the other two do.

  11. kythri says:

    The fact that they’re going to be interchangeable with the current line of stuff makes them slightly more interesting, though, as long as the NiCad batteries continue to sell for $20/each, I won’t be buying LiIon stuff unless it’s priced competitively.

    The interchangeability is a really awesome marketing move – the Craftsman 19.2V NiCad line and the 20V LiIon line seemed to piss a lot of people off, as did other brand labels doing a similar thing.

  12. Nick JK says:

    This will be the announcement of the new Ryobi 18v lithium tools and batteries. The batteries will work with all existing 18v ONE+ tools.

  13. tyler booth says:

    i think that the new coloring aspect for the tools are excellent. i work at home depot in easley, sc. i see the tools everyday and i believe it will be a great asset to the tool family.

  14. Matty says:

    As you know Ryobi is not a stand alone company, they are owned by a large conglomerate called TTI. They own ridgid, ryobi, and milwaukee. This hyper green box campaign is a new lithium ion tool line that will offer more power in each tool. They are leaving the old blue colored tools to the home owner market and the “green neon” tools will be geared for the tool heads in the trades. I know the sales rep for TTI in California. It is scheduled to be in the stores as early as mid October.

  15. Alan says:

    This is really nothing NEW. Milwaukee has been providing LI-ON batteries that are interchangeable with their original line of NI-CD 18V power tools for a couple of years now. Milwaukee is the way to go!

  16. Clinton says:


    If they’d released a new hammer drill that came with the updated batteries I’d definitely have jumped on that. Mines still working great but the overmold is peeling and the screws holding it together are starting to have wiggle room in the plastic of the grip. A normal drill doesn’t cut it for me. I drill through too much concrete I need the hammer mode. Guess I’ll grab the upgrade pack with the new charger and battery. Unless the Drill and light pack comes with two batteries. If it does that may be the better deal for upgraders.

  17. fils2pute says:

    ta mere suce des bites en enfer et je viole ton grand pere

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